CAD - Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessory Molds include molds for soap dishes, shampoo holders and combination units, shelves, towel bar ends, toothbrush holders, robe hooks, and toilet roll holders. Review all bathroom accessory molds here.

NOTICE: These CAD files can be included in specifications, or used to generate working drawings or layout templates. The CAD data supplied was generated to demonstrate the size and shape of the product, but was not used to create the physical product. They are close approximations of the finished cast product. and are not guaranteed to be completely precise compared to the actual cast product. Marshall Gruber Company assumes no liability or responsibility for any inaccurate information provided in these CAD files. If any dimension is critical to your requirement, measure and verify that critical dimension in the CAD data before relying on that data.

CAD (DWG/DXF/PDF) - 180-17 Sweetheart IV Combo Soap/Shampoo Holder #22817
CAD (DWG/PDF) - 180-3 Sweetheart III Soapholder #22803
CAD (DWG/DXF/PDF) - 180-55 Opal Shampoo Holder #22855
CAD (DWG/DXF/PDF) - Spherical Corner Soap Shampoo Holder #228491
CAD (DWG/DXF/PDF) - Diamond Corner Soap Shampoo Holder #22849
CAD (DWG/PDF) - Diamond Soap Dish-12-Cavity #22863_228631
CAD (DXF/PDF) - Opal Soap Dish 180-54 #22854
CAD (DXF/PDF) - Small Diamond Corner Soap/Shampoo Holder Combo #22804
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