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We offer a variety of quality tapes and protective film products to support engineered composite manufacturer's requirements:


masking tape

Masking Tape

Masking tape is used constantly by cast polymer manufacturers to protect mold areas such as back splash door hinges, mold edges, and polydomes during gelcoating and casting. Masking Tape is available by the case in widths of ¾”, 1", 1½”, and 2”.

X010188A SM

Intertape #515 Utility Grade Masking Tape (Intertape)

Versatile, general-purpose, semi-bleached crepe paper with excellent tensile strength and bonding properties. Very comfortable, and good resistance to “bleed-through”. Used for a variety of home and industrial applications.

Order Information:

1" (24mm) - 1 Roll - #X010181
Case (36 Rolls) - #X010182

1-1/2" (36mm) - 1 Roll - #X010185
Case (24 Rolls) - #X010186

2" (48mm) - 1 Roll -#X010187
Case (24 Rolls) -#X010188

X010184A sm

Intertape 519 Medium Grade General-Purpose Paper Masking Tape

High quality, crepe paper coated with a superior pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Excellent tensile strength and moderate heat and UV-resistant. Adheres to most surfaces. Clean removal. Capable of withstanding bake temperatures up to 180ºF (82ºC) for up to one hour and/or exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light for up to five hours. Offers consistent conformability and tensile strength.

Order Information:

3/4" (18mm) - 1 Roll - #X010183A
Case (48 Rolls) - #X010184A

1" (24mm) - 1 Roll - #X010181A
Case (36 Rolls) -#X010182A

1-1/2" (36mm) - 1 Roll -#X010185A
Case (24 Rolls) -#X010186A

2" (48mm) - 1 Roll - #X010187A
Case (24 Rolls) - #X010188A

3" (72mm) - 1 Roll -#X010179A
Case (16 Rolls) - #X010180A

pg505 1 248x180

Intertape PG505 Utility Paper Masking Tape

Ideal for general purpose masking uses. PG505 is a 5.8 mil, general grade, industrial, pressure-sensitive masking tape. Beige, smooth crepe paper masking tape coated with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Offers an excellent balance of quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties. Not recommended for outdoor exposure. Not recommended for outdoor exposure.

Order Information:

3/4" (18mm) - 1 Roll - #
Case (48 Rolls) - #AM010184 or #X010152

1" (24mm) - Case of 36 Rolls - #X010154

1-1/2" (36mm) - 1 Roll - #X010155
Case (24 Rolls) - #AM010186

2" (48mm) - 1 Roll - #X010157
Case (24 Rolls) - #AM010188

Double-Coated Paper Tape

intertape 591 248x180

Intertape 591 Premium Double-Coated Flatback Tape

This flatback paper is coated on both sides with a high shear adhesive that features an extremely aggressive tack that bonds to almost any surface. Easy release crepe paper liner allows for automatic or hand dispensing applications. Excellent tensile strength, conforms to almost any surface without tearing. Ideal for many industrial uses such as mounting, adhering, holding in place, joining two surfaces, and other bonding applications.

Order Information:

1/2" (12mm) - 1 Roll - #X010190
Case of 72 Rolls - #X010191

3/4" (18mm) - 1 Roll - #X010192
Case (48 Rolls) - #X010193

1" (24mm) - 1 Roll - #X010200
Case (36 Rolls) - #X010201

Vinyl Film Tape

Intertape 597 Vinyl Film Tape

Intertape #597 Double Coated Vinyl Tape

General-purpose vinyl film tape for a variety of uses. Double-coated PVC vinyl film features a permanent natural rubber adhesive, and has great initial tack and contains an aggressive adhesive ideal for sign positioning, mirror manufacturing, engravers, insulation holding on metal buildings and carpet mounting and more.

  • Double-coated vinyl (PVC) tape with white liner
  • Durable PVC film with a permanent natural rubber adhesive
  • 15 lb. per inch tensile strength
  • Easy-release treated
  • 5.9 mil thickness
  • Natural color

Order Information:
3/4" (18mm) - 1 Roll - #X010192A
Case (48 Rolls) - #X010193A

Strapping Tape


RG15 General Purpose Strapping Tape

A 5.6 mil, clear, fiberglass reinforced, polyester backed, pressure-sensitive strapping tape with good adhesion, medium tensile strength and medium impact strength. Excellent resistance to scuffs, abrasion and moisture. Adheres to almost any surface. Ideal for everyday bundling and palletizing

Order Information:

3/4" (18mm) - 1 Roll - #X010194R
Case (48 Rolls) -#X010195R

Foam Tape

01018 Double Faced Foam Tape

Thermal Insulated 1/6" x 3" x 100' - Order No. 164284

Protective Films

clear filmFor Cultured Marble and General Purpose Applications

Marshall Gruber Protective Films are perfect for protecting the finished surface of all of your cast polymer products. Designed to protect the finish of any product during shipping, storage, or installation, protective film is the best way to insure your product looks as good as the day it was made. Specifically designed for cultured marble applications.

Clear Protective Film

This film is specifically developed for Cultured Marble applications, with low tack and minimal residue.

246003 SM

Available in 600 foot roll lengths, in a variety of roll widths and thicknesses shown below:

3 Mil
Order No.
5 Mil
Order No.
6" #66003 #66005
12" #126003  
15" #156003  
18" #186003  
21" #216003 #216005
24" #246003 #246005
30" #306003  
36" #366003