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A variety of mold release for use with cultured marble molds and solid surface molds.

We offer a variety of both polymer-based and wax-based mold release agents for use with cultured marble molds, solid surface molds, and a broad variety of other composites.

Some of the products below are part of the GruberCare Semi-Permanent Mold Release System. Learn more about these products, and how to use them as a complete mold care system for fiberglass molds used in cast polymer manufacturing applications.

GruberCare™ MR Series Polymer-based Mold Release Products

Designed for polymer-based release systems, and includes polymer cleaners, sealers, strippers and wax-based mold release agents.

grubercare mr gp

GruberCare MR GP Polymer Release Agent

(General Purpose) Multi-Release

  • Step 5A of the GruberCare Semi-Permanent Mold Release System
  • Recommended for fiberglass molds for cultured marble and solid surface applications.

Grubercare MR GP (Step 5A) is a multi-release polymer topcoat applied over the MR Sealer. MR GP is formulated for multiple high gloss moldings of thermosetting resins.

Product Benefits

  • Easy application
  • Non contaminating
  • Non-chlorinated, Ecologically friendly solvents
  • Low odor
  • Minimal mold build-up
  • Superior gloss retention
  • Durable; provides multiple releases per application

GruberCare™ MR GP is a multi-release system yielding high gloss moldings. It is designed to release gel-coated glass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester parts from gel-coated molds. Purposely formulated for reinforced polyester resins or high gloss moldings using gelcoats and increased temperature performance, GruberCare MR GP is an advanced polymeric resin in a non-chlorinated organic solvent blend. It is ideally suited for high gloss applications. The product is quick and easy to apply and produces a high gloss durable finish capable of giving many releases before reapplication is necessary.

Description/Order Number:
Gallon (Ea) - #MR0204
Gallon (Case of 4) - #MR0205

grubercare mr hi tec

GruberCare MR Hi-Tec Polymer Release Agent

GruberCare MR Hi Tec is designed for special applications where rapid curing, high gloss and slip properties are required. Excellent for metallic molds or molds of high surface porosity such as modular molds or molds of integral shape. Purposefully formulated for use a a mold release agent for rotational molding and phenolic resin molding. It is also designed to release epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, phenolic and other thermosetting resins. Provides a durable film capable of giving many releases per application and will not contaminate the released surface.

Description/Order Number:
Gallon Can – #MR0304
Gallon Can – Case of 4 – #MR0305

grubercare mr 2in1

GruberCare MR 2-IN-1 Polymer Release Agent

GruberCare 2-IN-1 Combination Time Saver is a high solids, high slip semi-permanent polymer release product. Its function is to save time both in establishing the release foundation and effectively maintaining that foundation during the production life of the tool. Since the inception of semi permanent release technology, it has been customary to first apply several coats of Sealer, each requiring 15 minutes to cure, before applying several coats of Top Coat Release and again waiting for each to cure for 15 minutes. This has been true for both MR 2 in 1 and other semi permanent systems as well. Some industries may find this standard to perform best, however, most will find they can apply the same foundation for their needs in only three coats of MR 2 in 1. This should reduce the time spent in preparing a new tool by half. Most tools should take no more than 60 minutes to make ready for production.

Description/Order Number:
Gallon (Can) - #MR0904
Gallon (Case of 4) - #MR0905

GruberCare™ Wax-based Mold Release Agents

Designed for maintaining wax-based mold release products, and includes wax cleaners, sealers, strippers and wax-based mold release agents.

mold release agents 2

Mold Release Wax

GruberCare Release Wax is a blend of high-melting point waxes formulated for the Cultured Marble industry and other applications, and is particularly well suited for demolding requirements of today’s modern fiberglass molds from Gruber and others. The wax is easy to apply and provides a high-gloss with low surface tension for superior release with maximum mold protection.

GruberCare Mold Release Wax contain a blend of synthetic waxes which reduce the quality fluctuations that are found in natural organic waxes, such as carnauba. Synthetic waxes used have high melt points and proper hardness to get the desired properties of film developed on the molds. The resulting film has high gloss and intensive wear resistance under the high or low temperature molding conditions. This assures the easy release.

Description/Order Number:
15 oz Can - #010630
15 oz Can (Case of 12) - #010629

interphase wax

Interphase Wax

GruberCare Interphase Wax is a liquid blend of high-melting point waxes formulated as an interphase release to minimize dulling wax build-up caused by continuous use of Release Wax. When used in conjunction with GruberCare Release/Indicated Wax, time between mold strippings can be extended significantly. Use Interphase Wax approximately every 10 castings or when dulling wax build-up begins to appear on the mold surface.

Description/Order Number:
128 oz Can (Ea) – #010622
128 oz Can (Case of 4) – #010621

flange wax

Flange Wax

GruberCare Flange Wax is a blend of tough, low luster waxes formulated for use on flanges, mold boxes, backsplash doors, hinges, and female hats or any spot where easy release of marble matrix is more important than the finish obtained. When properly applied, flange wax will simplify mold clean-up, minimize repairs and extens mold life.

Description/Order Number:
108 oz can (Ea) - #010618
108 oz can (Case of 4) - #010617
5 Gal (Slurry Wax equivalent) Pail (Ea) - #010645