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PourReuseHatLRUnlike Permanent Hats, Reusable Hats can be used many times - thus eliminating the need and cost of a female mold - especially for molds that are not used extensively.

Fabricated of high-density polyethylene, a reusable hat will provide many trouble free castings if reasonable care is exercised in its use and storage.  A reusable hat is applied to the mold after the initial pour of the matrix has been vibrated.  It is placed over the bowl and the rim of the hat is gently pressed into the un-gelled matrix.  A generous 2” flange is provided around the perimeter of the hat to allow for maximum adhesion of the hat to the matrix.  Reusable hats are also available with an “untrimmed” flange around the perimeter.

Note: Reusable Hats are not as durable, nor as precise a fit as a high quality female mold, but offer the savings that a reusable female provides.

Types of Reusable Hats:

With or Without Overflow

Reusable Hat with Overflow
With Overflow
Reusable Hat without Overflow
Without Overflow

Trimmed, or Untrimmed



Reusable Hats

This chart lists all TRIMMED models, in both "With Overflow" and "No Overflow" versions.

Order Information:

Bowl Name Description
With Overflow
No Overflow
Access Rectangle RH-ADA Rectangle 01338 013385
Bar Sink RH-Bar (20051/20052)   01453
Cambria D RH-Cambria D 01352  
Canadian Oval (Large) RH-Canadian Oval/Shell 01355  
Canadian Oval Shell RH-Canadian Oval/Shell 01355  
Carmel RH-G 01356 013564
  RH-G Side Overflow 013562  
  RH-SL No Over (PH Master)   013696
  RH-SL No Over (Grecian) Bigger   013692
Celebrity Rectangle RH-13x17 Rectangle   010807
Delaware RH-DESD/DE 013540 013541
Delaware, w/ Soap Dish RH-DESD/DE 013540 013541
Diamond RH-DD 013545 013546
Diamond (Little) RH-LDD 013547 013548
Dixie RH-N/NS 01362 013680
  RH-N-N Square 013622N  
  RH-N/NS Square Oversize 013622  
Hexagon RH-Hex 01370  
Hilo RH-W 01364 013640
Hilo w/ Soap Dish RH-WSD 01379 013686
Kona RH-G/GS   013563
La Paz RH-LZ 013675 013676
Laguna RH-N/NS 013620 013680
  RH-N/NS Square 013622N  
  RH-N/NS Square, Oversize 013622  
Laguna (Deep) RH-Deep N 01395  
Lanakai RH-Y/YS 01366  
Mai Tai RH-I   013681
  RH-I (Square Pour Hole)
Makaha RH-LN/LNS 013615 013614
Malibu RH-CC Oval 01367 013723
Malibu Deep, w/  OG Rim RH-DCL/FL 01442  
Malibu, w/ Soap Dish RH-CCSD 013672  
Malibu Flair RH-DCL/FL 01442  
Maui RH-WX 01372  
Moana RH-P Square Hole 013628  
Molokai RH-S 01363  
Molokai (Deep) RH-SS 01371  
Monterey RH-LN/LNS 013615 013614
Newport RH-L 01361 013612
Newport (Deep) RH-LL 01368  
Olympic Oval Large RH-LG Olympic CALL  
Olympic Oval Small RH-Small Olympic   01392
Ramp Bowl, 14" x 20" RH-Ramp   015819
Redondo RH-Y/YS (Side Square)
01366 01375
Royale (Large) RH-RL 013693 013694
Royale (Small) RH-LRL 013678 013679
Savannah RH-SH 013634 013635
Sun Fluted (Large) RH-Sun Fluted Large 01443  
Sun Fluted (Small) RH-Sun Fluted Small 01445  
Sun Oval (Large) RH-Sun Oval Large 01397 01396
Super Bowl I RH-RR   013688
  RH-RR Square Hole 013685  
Super Bowl I, w/ Soap Dish RH-RRSD 013684  
Super Bowl II RH-MR   013687
  RH-MR Square Pourhole 013623 01384
Super Bowl III RH-MMR 013624  
Topaz RH-AA 01350  
Ventura RH-V 013683 013689
Waikiki RH/N/NS 013620 013680
  RH N/NS Oval Port 01362  
  RH-N/NS Square Port (N on channel) 13622N  
  RH N/NS Sq Port Oversize - No gussets 013622  
Wave, 12" x 20" RH-Wave   013636
Wave, Chamfer RH-Wave Chamfer   013636
Wave, Deep Small RH-Deep Small with Oval Pour   015094
Wave, Drop 12" x 18" RH-Drop Wave   015818
Wave, Small RH-Small Wave   015093

Note: To order Untrimmed Hats, contact your Marshall Gruber representative.

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