Casting and Fabrication Supplies & Accessories

Permanent and Reusable Hats

Hats are a time, saving, but also cost-effective alternative to a more expensive, labor-intensive female mold. A number of hat types are available: one-time use (permanent hats), and hats that can be used for a limited number of casting cycles (reusable hats). Another product related to the reusable hat is the reusable funnel, and is used in conjunction with a reusable hat to help avoid spillage of matrix as its poured into the mold.

These hats become a permanent part of the marble product, providing a finished underside which requires very little, if any, additional finishing. This includes hats for bathroom accessories.
Unlike Permanent Hats, these Reusable Hats can be used repeatedly. They are manufactured of high quality polyethylene. The hats shown are Trimmed with Overflow. To order Untrimmed Hats with Overflow, contact your sales representative.
Reusable funnels are used in conjunction with our Permanent and/or Reusable Hats to reduce spillage and wastage of cultured marble matrix during filling of the mold. Manufactured of high quality polyethylene, these qualify hats can be used multiple repeatedly and clean up by flexing the material. Order the version with the hole opening that matches your permanent or reusable hat.