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Repair surface imperfections and other damage to your Gruber or Marshall-Gruber Mold with these Mold Repair Gelcoat kits from Marshall-Gruber:

Note: All Gel Coat Patch Kits have a short gel time. The shelf life of these products is limited as well, so be prepared to use it fairly quickly after receiving it.

MetaMold™ High Temperature Mold Repair Gelcoat

These mold repair Gelcoat products are used to repair Gruber or Marshall-Gruber MetaMold™ molds. These gel coat patch kits provide sufficient gel coat repair material for most small to medium-sized damage, including nicks, impacts, scratches and other damage. If larger quantities are required, please contact us.
MetaMold 191226 150MetaMold™ High Temperature Gel Coat Mold Repair Patch Kit
This is the standard repair gelcoat that should be used for most applications where the gelcoat material is applied directly to the mold surface with an applicator. 1 Pint Can - #191226
Note: When applying the gel coat via spraying, we recommend use of the Gel Coat Repair with Surfacing Agent (below)
MetaMold™ High Temperature Gel Coat with Surfacing Agent Mold Repair Patch Kit
This product is the same as the standard MetaMold™ Vinyl Ester Gel Coat shown above, but includes includes a surfacing agent. We recommend using the Surfacing Agent version when the gel coat is applied by spraying, or when when the gelcoat is oversprayed on top of existing gelcoat. 1 Pint Can - #191230



More Resources

Instructional materials you should review prior to attempting to repair a mold:

Review this detailed Mold Repair Video - highly recommended 22 minute video that demonstrates types of mold damage that can occur to Gruber Molds, and provides detailed instructions on how to repair them using Gruber Mold Repair Gel Coat Patch Kits shown.

MetaMold Gel Coat Repair Use Instructions