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Divider bars are used to establish the end boundaries for custom sized vanity and modular deck castings. Gruber offers divider bars in a variety of materials and options, including urethane, polyethylene, polyurethane and aluminum.

A variety of divider bar types are available:

  • Urethane End-Stop Divider Bars
  • Aluminum Front-Edge
  • Corner Divider Bars
  • Polyurethane (Flexible Plastic) Divider Bars
  • Polyethylene (Rigid Plastic) Divider Bars
urethane end stop divider bars

Urethane End-Stop Divider Bars

Choose from Reinforced (Black) or Unreinforced (Yellow)

These reusable dividers are indispensable for custom set-ups where cove-back or integral backsplash molds are involved. Designed to fit the contours of a specific cove-back mold, End-Stop dividers are used to establish the end boundaries for custom tops. Manufactured of a urethane material that provides a more finished edge on the part.

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aluminum front edge divider bars

Straight Front-Edge Aluminum Divider Bars

Our line of Aluminum Front Edge Divider Bars are excellent for custom profile edges, without buying the fiberglass mold. All bars come 8’ in length.

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Outside AD5266 IC175

Corner Divider Bars

Flexible front edge polyethylene divider bars are also available.

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flexible plastic divider bars

Polyurethane (Flexible Plastic) Divider Bars

Flexible custom-edge divider bar allows for a customized, decorative edge treatment for cast polymers. Flexibility allows for compound curves in unique applications, and is very popular with manufacturers. All bars are 9 feet long and sold individually unless noted otherwise.

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PD1002 175

Polyethylene (Rigid Plastic) Divider Bars

These very popular rigid, reusable divider bars are available in both low density and high-density polyethylene. Because they are fabricated out of polyethylene, they won’t stick to cast polymer parts, requiring little setup time, and even work in non-gelcoated applications.

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