Casting and Fabrication Supplies & Accessories

Components to finish a bathroom installation, including:

  • Beauty Rings
  • Shower Drain Components
  • Towel Bars
  • Grab Bars

Beauty Rings (Vanity Overflow Holes)

Beauty Rings

Beauty Rings are a small decorative component that is used to surround, beautify and protect a bowl overflow hole. Rings are available in both oval and round shapes, and in a variety of finishes, including chrome, polished brass and white plastic.

Disposable/single-use. Pre-powdered, natural latex. Non-sterile, Ambidextrous.

Oval Beauty Rings

001010C 175

Chrome-Plated ABS Plastic

Bag/100 - #001010C

001012W 175

White ABS Plastic

Bag/100 - #001012W

Round Beauty Rings

Note: These round beauty rings fit a 1/2" overflow hole.

Chrome-Plated Round ABS Plastic

Chrome-Plated ABS Plastic

Bag/100 - #001011C

White Round ABS Plastic Beauty Rings

White ABS Plastic

Bag/100 - #001013W

Beauty Ring Installation Instructions:
Clean the bowl surface in and around the overflow hole. Apply a small amount of clear silicone to the top and bottom of the Beauty Ring. Insert Beauty Ring into the bowl overflow hole and seat.

Towel Bars and Rings


Special sizes available – call for more information.

Order Information
Towel Bar/Acrylic 24” L x 1” Diameter – Ea – #0001812
Towel Ring – Chrome plated – Ea – #000171
Towel Bar – Chrome plated – 24” – Ea – #000181

Grab Bars

grab bars

These 6" grab bars are ideal for home, hotel/motel, hospital or spa installations, and add safety and security to all bathers!

Grab Bars are the sensible solution for all bathers, but particularly for the elderly, the injured, or the disabled – to help avoid accidental slippage and potential injury during bathing. Grab bars provide a feeling of security, and are a welcome addition that many bathers appreciate.

Finish Options
These quality grab bars are available in a variety of finishes, including white Acrylic ABS plastic as well as plated ABS plastic (chrome or brushed nickel) – to complement the majority of bathtub trim/faucet finishes.

These Grab Bars are intended for use with acrylic, fiberglass or cultured marble tubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures such as toilets. Grab Bars are designed for insert anchor installation WHERE YOU HAVE ACCESS TO INSTALL IT FROM BEHIND THE TUB OR SHOWER WALL.

Order Information
6” Grab Bar Set, White Acrylic (Each) - #07809C6
6” Grab Bar Set, Chrome ABS (Each) - #07825C6
6” Grab Bar Set, Brushed Nickel ABS (Each) - #07841C6

Installation instructions and a template are provided on the attached Bulletin