TexturedPanel 22737Textured surface similar to slate!

This unique mold offers a medium-course texture similar to natural slate. This highly versatile cast polymer mold can provide you with many new and different revenue-generating opportunities beyond the traditional master or secondary bath. Sell wall panels, flooring, stair steps, decks, shower or bath enclosures, trim treatments and more - for use in bathrooms, living areas, offices, hotels and motels, and for many other commercial property applications.

Key Specifications:

  • Width: 60” (152.4cm)
  • Length: 120” (304.8cm)
  • Texture similar to natural slate
  • Shower or bath enclosures
  • Wall panels
  • Flooring and stair steps
  • For kitchens, baths or living areas, as well as commercial - including office, hotel and motel applications
  • Workable sheet stock is easily fabricated and installed
  • Infinite color, material and veining options for a custom “look”
  • Familiar sheet stock size
  • Rigid, durable material
  • Highly durable and stable
  • Insulative material capability

The mold may be cast in any number of materials, using different colors, veining combinations for an almost infinite variety of “looks”. Select from standard cultured marble, onyx, solid surface or other cast polymer materials for a wide range of durable material options that will provide years of beauty, performance and functionality. Familiar sheet stock is easily fabricated and installed, and is easily stored, shipped and inventoried.

NOTE: This panel mold is not intended to match or replicate the same slate texture of our new Slate Tile Panel Mold. This is a somewhat finer, more consistent finish that is similar to slate, but not slate. (Note, if a more realistic slate finish is desired, please see our Slate Tile Panel Molds)
Order Information:
Textured Panel Mold - #22737