Create a “new look” in almost any room with this natural slate tile panel mold. Get the look and beauty of natural slate tiles, combined with the functional benefits and beauty of cultured marble and other cast polymers. Solid panel, with molded grout lines and grout.

Create new sales-generating opportunities by utilizing this new tile panel mold that offers a natural slate look.

Slate26129 300Applications:

  • Shower or bath enclosures
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Living areas
  • Dining rooms
  • Hotel and Motel rooms
  • Offices or commercial properties

With this highly versatile mold, you can cast cultured marble or other cast polymer materials of any color or apply a variety of pigments or infinite veining alternatives to deliver a custom, high-end wall finish with the 3-dimensional surface texture of natural slate. The panel is comprised of six columns of eight 12” x 12” tiles, for a total of 48 separate tile sections, and the casting can be cut as needed to accommodate many installation requirements.

Cast Slate Tile Panel sample

At Left: Cast Slate Tile Panel sample showing surface texture.


Installation Gallery

International Marble Slate Tile installation 1 of 2
International Marble Slate Tile installation 1 of 2

International Marble Industries delivered a unique bath wall panel installation by utilizing Gruber's Slate Tile Panel Mold. They duplicated the look of a conventional white grout on a solid surface wall panel by adding a contrasting composite white grout - for a truly unique, natural appearance of traditional tile - but without the leakage potential of tile and grout in the shower. Installation includes a Gruber Corner Soap/Shampoo Holder.

Provided courtesy of International Marble Industries. Visit their website at

Dimensional Data:

7296Slatetile12 325



Order Information

Slate Tile Panel Mold - 72" x 96" overall (182.88cm x 243.8cm) - #26129