This 8" x 8" Bordered Tile Panel Molds offers the ability to create cultured marble and other cast polymer wall, counter or other architectural treatments from a single mold that mimics the look and feel of a traditional tile installation.

Key Features:

•  8” x 8” smooth tiles
•  1/4” simulated grout
•  2” x 8” tile border on three sides

8x8CombinedSum1  8x8CombinedSum 2


  • Master or secondary bath
  • Kitchen/dining areas, wet rooms, entries, hallways
  • Residential or commercial
  • Perfect for both new home construction or remodels


  • Tile look without the tile disadvantages
  • Greatly reduces the chances of leakage often found in tile installations.
  • Extremely diverse range of materials, color, veined or textured treatment options.
  • Large 60” x 96” back panel and complimentary two-cavity side panels for fast production.

Create custom wall panels that mimic the look and feel of a tile installation - but without the water leakage associated with traditional tile and grout installations.

These smooth tile and simulated grout wall panels simulate the look of a tile installation. These solid panels provide a key benefit compared to tile and grout - by dramatically reducing the potential for leakage, water damage, or mold often associated with tile and grout installations.

These panels are perfect for any location where tile might be found - the bathroom, shower/bath surrouds,bathroom walls, kitchen walls, commercial locations, and other areas - and are suitable for both new home or remodeling applications. Add even more value by offering these panels in a variety of material or color options, or incorporate custom veining or texturing for a truly one of a kind product that will add distinction and value to any installation.

The 36” wide side panel mold is offered as a two-cavity mold to shorten manufacturing time for a typical 3-wall bathroom shower or bath surround.

Technical Data:

8x8 combinedwDims 1  8x8 combinedwDims 2

Order Information:
8” x 8” Bordered Tile Back Panel Mold - 60 x 96” - #22892
8” x 8” Bordered Tile Side Panel Mold - 36 x 96” (2-Cavity) - #22894