Marshall-Gruber Company offers a wide variety of trim molds that will make your installations stand out above those of your competition. We offer a wide assortment of styles, including casings, panel molds, chair rails, corner trim and more. These molds have a lot of uses - limited only by your imagination!

Our full line of Decorative Trims include:

Accenta Decorative Trim

The Accenta™ Series of decorative trim molds offer cultured marble manufacturers the ability to customize or upgrade a master bathroom or other cultured marble installation by selecting from a range of decorative trim options. Trim styles can be interchanged and matched with your existing Gruber deck molds, wall panels, vanities, shower pans and other molds to easily create a desirable look for your customers. Three trim height molds are available - 2", 4” or 6”.

Accentatrim6 lr

Accenta 6"

Accentatrim4 lr

Accenta 4"


Accenta 2"


Rope Trims

Rope Trims are available in a variety of styles:

  • Rope Trim (ABC)
  • 3" Rope Trim
  • Rosettes - accessorize your rope trim installations with our collection of Rosette molds

Note: Also see Rope Trim No Bowl Deck Molds


Rope A,B,C Trim

#22692, 22693, 226932, 226933, 226931

22691RopeTrim96in 325psd

3" Rope Trim

#22691, 26171


Generally used with Rope Trim molds shown above.

rosette a175

"A" Rosette
#2-58" x 2-5/8" x 3/4", 12-Cavity

rosette b175

"B" Rosette
#2-58" x 2-5/8" x 3/4", 12-Cavity

rosette c 175

"C" Rosette
#2-58" x 2-5/8" x 3/4", 12-Cavity

ABC Trim Series

Trim A, B and C are three complimentary molds - which include an Inside Corner, a Cap Trim, and an Edge Trim. These molds allow installers to install cultured marble trims in a variety of installations (the bathroom, hallways, bedrooms, closets, etc.)

Trim A dims

Trim A Inside Corner

Trim B dims

Trim B Cap

Trim C dims

Trim C Edge

Or, get all 3 of the above ABC molds in a single combination mold!

180-14 Combo (ABC) Trim 100" (2) A + (2) B + (1) C Cavities
Order #22814

TM Trim Series

Trims complete every installation, and Gruber has a good variety of trim molds to produce cultured marble or solid surface cast trim for your installations:

















Shower Threshold Trim Molds

22680 125

4" x 5" x 96" Threshold

62576 125

4" x 8" x 72" Threshold