1050 Universal Shower 325
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Gives you great versatility and value in a single mold!

Universal Shower Pan molds simply make economic sense - since you can produce any number of different size and shape shower pan castings from a single "universal" mold. If size is an issue, you can order a smaller overall mold size (see chart below for available sizes). Universal Shower Pans can be cast at full size (as shown below), or smaller. Determine what size shower pan you need, and define that around the drain located where you need it. All 1050 Universal Shower Pans have center drains and a minimum drain slope of 1/4" per foot of horizontal distance.

All 1050 Universal Shower Pans have center drains and a minimum drain slope of 1/4” per foot of horizontal distance. Surface is textured.


Drawing and Specifications:

Technical Data:

Order the size you need, based on the maximum size pan you'll want to create:

Order Number Model Size (A/B) Size (Metric)
23026 1050-26 48"x60" 121.9x154.4cm
23034  1050 48"x72" 122x183cm
23032 1050-32 60"x84" 121.9x213.3cm
23023 1050-23 60"x96" 152.4x243.8cm
23019 1050-19 72"x96" 182.8x243.8cm
23025 1050-25 72"x120" 121.9x152.4cm
23024 1050-24 84"x84" 213.3x213.3cm
23027 1050-27 84"x120" 213.3x598cm
23046 1050-46 84"x96" 213.3x242.8cm
23036 1050-36 84"x106" 213.3x270cm
23028 1050-28 86"x120" 218.4x304cm
23029 1050-29 89"x120" 226x304cm
23031 1050-31 94"x120" 238.7x304cm
23020 1050-20 96"x96" 243.8x243.8cm
23021 1050-21 96"x120" 243.8x508cm

Note: Custom configurations are available upon request. Call for more information.