Shower Pan Molds

Marshall-Gruber is your source for the highest quality Shower Pan molds and other related accessory molds, including Shower Seats, Shower Ramps, Thresholds, Shelves, Curb Molds, Soap Dishes and more.

Shower Pans are available in two basic types - dedicated size (standard) single cavity molds, and very cost-efficient "Universal" Shower Pan molds.

Universal Molds are large molds that can be used to make any number of castings of different sizes and proportions from a single mold - thus they are an economical, highly versatile option for shops if you don't want to stock a lot of different shower pan molds.

Gruber offers many standard single-cavity shower pan molds in a wide range of sizes and shapes - organized into four product "families" listed below:
  1052 Series 1051 Series 1050 Series
Number of Models   4 models 30 models 2 models + 17 Universal models
Slip Resistant Textured Pan Pattern (ASTM F 462-1994 Standard compliant)?   Yes Yes Yes
Integral Water Dam (Threshold)   Yes Yes No
Camberred/Chamferred Pan Sidewalls*   Yes (3 Sided) Yes (Slight Camber) No
Minimum 1/4" per foot drain slope?   Yes Yes Yes (1 Exception)
Accessibility Models?   Yes No No
Universal Pan Available?   No No Yes
National Building Standards Code compliant? Yes
Meet requirements ofASTM F 462-1994? Yes
Other Features  

* In this series, a three-sided threshold is provided, and the front threshold substitutes a short wheelchair ramp to offer wheelchair access to the shower.

1050 Series Universal Shower Pans

1050 Universal Shower 325Gives you great versatility and value in a single mold!

Universal Shower Pan molds simply make economic sense - since you can produce any number of different size and shape shower pan castings from a single "universal" mold. If size is an issue, you can order a smaller overall mold size (see chart below for available sizes). Universal Shower Pans can be cast at full size (as shown below), or smaller. Determine what size shower pan you need, and define that around the drain located where you need it. All 1050 Universal Shower Pans have center drains and a minimum drain slope of 1/4" per foot of horizontal distance. All 1050 Universal Shower Pans have center drains and a minimum drain slope of 1/4” per foot of horizontal distance. Surface is textured.

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