Save material cost and reduce cast product weight on your modular and no bowl decks with Lightweight Gate option:

Applies to:

  • Modular Deck Molds
  • No Bowl Deck Molds

When ordering decks, you can order them with the standard gate, or a lightweight gate option, which reduces the amount of matrix required to fill the mold by reducing regions of the backsplash, which also reduces the weight of the cast deck as well.

To order a mold with a lightweight gate, simply add a "3" to the end of the part number (before the "M" indicating Metamold contruction or the V indicating Vinyl Ester construction.

Using the 25" deep 111-NB (No Bowl) Deck Mold as an example,

Deck Mold Standard Gate Lightweight Gate
111-NB-25 20803 208033
111-NB-31 20805 208053
111-NB-37 20807 208073
111-NB-43 20809 208093
111-NB-49 20808 208083
111-NB-61 20810 208103
111-NB-62 20811 208113
111-NB-73 20812 208123
111-NB-86 20518 205183
111-NB-124 20831 208313
111-NB-146 20842 208423

In summary, as an example, to order a 111-NB-43 (43" length) No Bowl Deck mold with a Lightweight Gate - in Metamold construction, you would order part number 208093M. To order the same mold with Lightweight Gate in Vinyl Ester Construction, the part number would be 208093V.