Mold Ordering

Learn which type of mold construction is best suited to your needs.

Learn more to decide if you should purchase a fiberglass female mold (four different types available), or opt for the convenient (and also cost effective) Permanent Hats or Reusable Hats instead of a female mold:

FFF 175 125
Floating Fiberglass
Female Mold
FFL 175 125
Full Fiberglass
Female Molds (3 types)
PermHat175 125
Permanent Hats
(used per casting)
ReuseHat175 125
Reusable Hats
(up to a point!)

Learn how to properly break-in your new Marshall-Gruber mold with these instructions.

Save material cost and reduce cast product weight on your modular and no bowl decks with Lightweight Gate option:

Applies to:

  • Modular Deck Molds
  • No Bowl Deck Molds

When ordering decks, you can order them with the standard gate, or a lightweight gate option, which reduces the amount of matrix required to fill the mold by reducing regions of the backsplash, which also reduces the weight of the cast deck as well.

The mold Track mounts on the bottom of any Marshall-Gruber mold to guide the mold along a conveyor system.

Slip Resistance Test Report that applies to the slip-resistant floor texture pattern used on all 1050 and 1051 Series Gruber Shower Pan molds and Universal Shower Ramp.