Modular deck mold series specifically designed for solid surface casting. Features a straight edge, integral Oval bowl, and 22" deck depth with 4-3/4" Backsplash. Available in 25" length only.

110 modular Waikiki deck dimensions
110 modular Waikiki bowl dimensions
Straight Edge generic125

Although these can also be used for cultured marble, the VSS series has been designed to accommodate the higher shrinkage rate of a solid surface densified matrix. The mold cavity is larger as a consequence and manufacturers are advised to verify suitability of casting a standard shrinkage matrix (such as cultured marble) into VSS molds beforehand. Cast weight will vary according to materials used.

VSS topdown250
VSS fronthoriz250
VSS sidevertical250

Our VSS line features a large, softly contoured oval bowl. Since the bowl is an integral part of the deck, your installation time is drastically reduced. The VSS is available in 25” deck length. The bowl in the 25” deck is 19” wide in order to allow it to fit that deck length. Since the backsplash is also included in this one-piece design, installation is as simple as it gets.

Description/Part Number


Mold, VSS Solid Surface Modular Deck 22-VSS-25 with Oval Vanity Bowl, Boxed - #20242
Mold, VSS Solid Surface Modular Deck 22-VSS-25 with Oval Vanity Bowl, Lightweight Gate, Boxed - #202423



Mold, Female (ULFF) 22-VSS-25 - #402429

Note: The ULFF (ultralight female mold) is configured to include: an integral backsplash which does not require a door on the male mold and optional overflow bosses when required. The casting may be drilled and an external overflow tube fitted.

Permanent Hat, PH-VSS-108 1-1/8" Deck - #002051
Permanent Hat, PH-VSS-108 1-1/8" Deck, Clear - #002051C
Reusable Hat, RH-VSS 108 Untrimmed - #01452


Divider, Black (Reinforced) 25-1/4" - #65977

End Splashes:

M-2-Cavity End Splash VSS For SSV-NB-146 - #64973 (DISCONTINUED)