Granatex Granite Effect Fillers
Choice of 325 granite-effect materials for solid surface manufacturing.

Granatex® GTX 500 is a highly engineered, granite effect filler, designed for use in high water contact environments. Blended with appropriate solid surface resins, Granatex 500 can be used without gel coat, in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, lavatory bowls, shower pans, bathtubs, and many other water intimate products. This is a unique formulation that is the ONLY granite filler material that can successfully be used in situations that involve high water contact without blushing. Granatex 500 is unsurpassed for blush and stain resistance. Combining these outstanding colors with the elimination of gel coat, results in some of the most attractive solid surface parts found for direct water contact available!

Designed to be user friendly, Granatex GTX 500 Series uses a tear and pour concept. Using the recommended ratio of resin to supplied filler; manufacturers simply have to blend the resin, filler and appropriate amount of catalyst to create a mix that is ready to pour. Granatex GTX 500 is available in 45 standard colors. The Granatex GTX 500 Series is currently supplied in 40 lb or 400 lb containers, or a 3 lb (1.4 kilo) sample box size. Super Sack quantities are available upon request.

Note: All attempts have been made to accurately demonstrate cast material in the images below. However, samples shown may vary from finished cast product, and may not precisely portray color, hue or granule size. Resin used will affect color hue of final cast product. Your monitor's color accuracy will affect the color hues shown. If a precise color match is required, order sample swatches of this product, or for the most accurate samples using your resin, order a 3 lb box of the material and cast it using your specific resin.
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GTX 500 Color Options

037 arrowwood 500 small


045 augustagreen 500 small

Augusta Green

041 aztecgold 500 small

Aztec Gold

035 blackcherry 500 small

Black Cherry

040 blueridge 500 small


034 brasilwood 500 small


039 cascadewhite 500 small

Cascade White

036 makoblue 500 small

Mako Blue

031 mojavetan 500 small

Mojave Tan

032 northstar 500 small


033 pebblebeach 500 small

Pebble Beach

043 primrose 500 small


500Sandcastle 0275526sm


035 sarita (said) blackcherry 500 small


030 willowgreen 500 small

Willow Green

038 wintersgray 500 small

Winters Gray

042 whitneygray 500 small

Whitney Gray



Note: Due to technical limitations, the colors you see on your screen may not be an accurate reproduction of the actual product.