Granatex Granite Effect Fillers
Choice of 325 granite-effect materials for solid surface manufacturing.

Granatex® GTX 200 is our most affordable line of granite effect fillers - also referred to as solid surface materials. In keeping with the tradition of Granatex, the GTX 200 line offers more vibrant looking colors than other similarly priced products on the market. It can be used without gelcoat for densified solid surface flat stock or with gelcoat for products used where water is present. GTX 200 is pre-blended with ATH for your convenience and to assure color consistency.

Note: All attempts have been made to accurately demonstrate cast material in the images below. However, samples shown may vary from finished cast product, and may not precisely portray color, hue or granule size. Resin used will affect color hue of final cast product. Your monitor's color accuracy will affect the color hues shown. If a precise color match is required, order sample swatches of this product, or for the most accurate samples using your resin, order a 3 lb box of the material and cast it using your specific resin

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GTX 200 Color Options

Granatex GTX 200 is offered in nine (9) colors.

Almond Reserve

Mahogany Glade

Mountain Peak


Peach Grove


Sandy Beach

Walnut Glen

Wheat Field

Note: Due to technical limitations, the colors you see on your screen may not be an accurate reproduction of the actual product.