Granatex Granite Effect Fillers
Choice of 30 granite-effect materials for solid surface manufacturing.

Formulations available in 4 categories:

Designed for use behind gelcoat. Processes like traditional cast marble methods. Outstanding vibrancy, color consistency and depth of color similar to GTX 700.
Economical, vibrant with larger particulates to create a uniquely textured appearance. Pre-blended with ATH; just add resin and catalyst. For frequent water contact, use behind gelcoat is recommended, or use without gelcoat for densified solid surface flat stock.
Pre-blended with ATH, GTX 400 is a fine particle size filler but more economical than GTX 500), and can be cast behind gelcoat for a finely textured appearance.
Single color chip that can be blended with other color chips and Alumina Trihydrate to create totally customized textured patterns. Blend your own colors of granite using alumina/chip ratios up to 3:1, thus reducing material costs while producing a reliable solid surface material for flat stock.