Duraflo™ Whirlpool Kits and Components
Upgrade your bathtub or spa to a relaxing whirlpool
with these quality upgrade kits and components.

Three different Duraflo Suction System components are available:

  • Standard Suction (100 GPM) – our most popular suction system
  • Standard Suction (112 GPM) – our highest volume suction system
  • Lo-Profile Standard Suction (67 GPM) – low profile cover is less noticeable

suction components

Available suction system products include:

  • Suction Assemblies
  • Suction Covers
  • Suction Wall Fittings
  • Suction Elbows

NOTE: The suction components are universal for all Duraflo whirlpool kits

Standard Suction Assemblies

Suction Assemblies

Suction Assemblies include one each of the following: a suction cover, suction wall fitting and suction elbow fitting. Available in two different flow rates - 100 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) or 112 GPM), and in the following colors/finishes:

  • Classic White (CWHT) – Medium - #SA1092
  • Classic White (CWHT) – Medium - #SAG09M
  • Classic White (CWHT) – Long - #SA1093
  • New Style Classic White (CWHT) Long - #SAG09L
  • Bone (BOE) – Medium - #SA1082
  • Chrome ABS (CHA) – Medium - #SA1252
  • Chrome Metal (CHM) - #SA1012
  • Spa Jet, Chrome Metal (CHM) - #SA6012
  • Polished Brass ABS (PBA) Medium - #SA1262
  • Polished Brass Metal (PBM) - #SA1022

Suction Covers

Our standard suction handles 100 gallons per minute or waterflow. This suction projects 3/4” from the tub surface, increasing the surface area of the suction and preventing it from being blocked. The high flow rate associated with the suction greatly cuts down the velocity of the water going through the system and helps prevent blockage.

Available in 100 or 112 Gallons per minute

100 Gallons per Minute (GPM)

Suction, 100 GPM, White

Classic White (CWHT)

suction covers bone

Bone (BOE)

Suction, 100 GPM, Brushed Nickel Metal

Brushed Nickel Metal (BNM)

112 Gallons per Minute (GPM)

suction covers chrome metal

Chrome Metal (CHM)

suction covers polished brass metal

Polished Brass Metal (PBM)

Suction, 112 GPM, Brushed Nickel Metal

Brushed Nickel Metal (BNM)

Suction, 112 GPM, Chrome Plated ABS Plastic

Chrome Plated ABS Plastic (CHA)

Suction, 112 GPM, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)


Standard Suction Wall Fittings

100 Gallons per minute (GPM)

Suction Wall Fitting, 112 GPM, Chrome Metal

0 - 7/8 inch wall thickness


7/8 - 2-1/8 inch wall thickness

Standard Suction Elbow Fittings

Suction Elbow - White

Suction Elbow White
Thread x 1-1/2 inch
For Suction Wall Fittings and 1-1/2 inch Slip Connections


Suction Tee - White
1-1/2 inch Threaded x Slip x Slip


Suction Adaptor
1-1/2 inch x 3/8 inch Barb

Low Profile Suction Systems

Low profile suction covers don’t protrude from the tub surface, but their suction volume is lower. Like the standard suction, this system is comprised of a suction cover, a wall fitting, and a suction body.

Lo-Profile Suction Assemblies

Low-profile Suction Assemblies include the Suction Body, Suction Cover, and Adaptor.

Lo-Profile Suction Covers - 67 Gallons Per Minute (GPM):

Our Lo-Profile 67 GPM suction features a face cap that projects only 1/4 inch from the tub’s surface for a sleek look while remaining a safe cover. The Suction elbow will fit a 1-1/4″ slip hose or rigid pipe. Note: 2-1/2 inch hole saw may also be used for installing the suction wall fitting.

lo profile suction covers classic white

Classic White (CWHT)

lo profile suction covers bone

Bone (BOE)

lo profile suction covers chrome abs

Chrome ABS (CHA)

NoImage sm

Polished Brass ABS (PBA)

Lo-Profile Suction Wall Fittings - 100 Gallons Per Minute (GPM):

Medium Lo-Profile Suction Wall Fitting

(0 to 1-1/2 inch)

Medium Lo-Profile Suction Wall Fitting

(2-1/16 inch)



Lo-Profile Suction Elbow

Lo-Profile Suction Wall Fitting

Lo-Profile Suction Elbow-White

Tools and Supplies

Installation Tool

Installation Tool

Hole Saw, 2-3/8 inch

Hole Saw, 2-3/8 inch