Duraflo™ Whirlpool Kits and Components
Upgrade your bathtub or spa to a relaxing whirlpool
with these quality upgrade kits and components.
Basic Kit Whirlpool Kit

Duraflo's "Basic Kit" Whirlpool Kits offer a convenient way to convert a standard soaker tub into a jetted whirlpool bath.

Basic Kits include the "plumbing portion" of a full whirlpool kit. They include the components listed in the tables below, which are the jet bodies, wall fittings, required fittings (Tees and Elbows). They do NOT include the pump, hose and capsets - which must be purchased separately. If you would prefer a more complete kit, then review our Duraflo Econo Pak Kits offer a more extensive kit including a pump and capset.

The kits below specify a particular Jet Body style (eg Hydro 5, VIP 4, VIP 3, etc). You will need to purchase a matching capset of the same style - selecting the desired color or finish you prefer. Capsets include all the "caps or covers" you will need for the kits below - including the appropriate number of jet face caps, plus a suction cover, pneumatic on/off control, and air flow control cover. Be sure to specify the capset with the appropriate number jets.

If you would like assistance in selecting the right kit - just call, and let us know what style, color, hose size wall thickness, number of jets and what size pump you need, and we will supply a kit for your needs


What is included:

  • Jet Bodies

  • Wall Fittings (specify thickness*)

  • Necessary PVC Fittings (Tees and Elbows)

  • Pneumatic On/Off Control Body

  • Standard (aka "Silent") Air Flow Control Body (unless specified otherwise)

What is NOT included:

  • Capsets (combination of all jet body facecaps, on/off control cover, air flow control cover, and suction cover.

  • Pump

  • Hose (buy the size specified by  the kit you're purchasing)


Pre-configured "Basic Kit" Whirlpool Kits

A variety of pre-configured "standard" kits shown below are available for just about every possible combination of components, but if you don't see what you want in the Standard Kits below, you can order from the individual components at the bottom of this page.

hydro 5 jet face caps 2"Basic Kit", with choice of Hydro 5 Cap Sets. Each of these include a Silent Air Controller.

Hose Fitting Size Wall Fitting Pneumatic On/Off Control No. of Jets Order Number
3/4" Short Included 4 BK50074
      6 BK50076
      8 BK50078
1" Short Included 4 BK50084
      6 BK50086
      8 BK50088

vip 4 cap sets 2"Basic Kit", with choice of VIP 3 or VIP 4 Cap Sets

Hose Fitting Size Wall Fitting Pneumatic On/Off Control No. of Jets Order Number
3/4" Short Included 4 BK00064
      6 BK00066
      8 BK00068
3/4" Medium Included 4 BK00074
      6 BK00076
      8 BK00078
3/4" Long Included 4 BK00034
      6 BK00036
      8 BK00038
3/4" Short No Switch 4 BK00064B
      6 BK00066B
      8 BK00068B
3/4" Medium No Switch 4 BK00074B
      6 BK00076B
      8 BK00078B
3/4" Long No Switch 4 BK00034B
      6 BK00036B
      8 BK00038B
1" Short Included 4 BK00084
      6 BK00086
      8 BK00088
1" Medium Included 4 BK00094
      6 BK00096
      8 BK00098
1" Long Included 4 BK00004
      6 BK00006
      8 BK00008
1" Short   4 BK00084B
      6 BK00086B
      8 BK00088B
1"  Medium   4 BK00094B
      6 BK00096B
      8 BK00098B
 1"  Medium   4 BKV00S4*
      6 BKV00S6*
      8 BKV00S8*
 1" Long   4 BK00004B
      6 BK00006B
      8 BK00008B

* Note: Items #BKV00S4, #BKV00S6 and #BKV00S8 listed above include a Sealed Air Controller

 "Basic Kit" Whirlpool Kit Components

These components are used to produce the Econo Pak VIP 4 whirlpool kits shown above. You can order the separate components to build your own custom VIP 4 Econo Pak if its not already listed from the choices above.

VIP 4 Face Cap Color/Material Options

Marshall Gruber's VIP 4 Face Caps are popular because of their clean, sleek lines and availability in a variety of plastic, metal plated, and solid metal finishes. The solid one-piece design eliminates build up of hard-to-clean bath water residue. They can accommodate either 3/4 or 1 inch flex hose or rigid pipe. They are attached by threading them into the Wall Fitting. The attractive one-piece face plate incapsulates a recessed directional flow fitting which can be easily adjusted as much as 40 degrees.

Note: These are individual Face Caps Assemblies and include 1 Jet Face Cap Unit, consisting of Face Cap, Eyeball, Cage and O-Ring.

Bone Face Caps - VIP 4

Bone (BOE)

Chrome ABS Face Caps - VIP 4

Chrome ABS Plastic (CHA)

vip 4 jet face caps polished brass abs

Polished Brass ABS Plastic (PBA)

vip 4 jet face caps chrome metal

Chrome Metal (CHM)

Bone Face Caps - VIP 4

Polished Brass Metal (PBM)

VIP 4 Jet Face Caps - Brushed Nickel Metal (BNM)

Brushed Nickel Metal (BNM)

VIP 4 Jet Face Caps - Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)

Oil Brushed Bronze (ORB)


VIP 4 Jet Bodies

  • Two sizes available - 3/4" or 1" bodies - in either white or clear colors. Choose which based on your water hose diameter.

Jet Bodies are positioned on the tub, and installed by drilling a 1-1/2" hole through the tub wall for each Jet Body employed in your whirlpool system. Water is supplied from the pump via hoses (either 3/4" or 1" diameter depending on your pump and system requirements).


VIP 4 Jet Wall Fitting

Jet Wall Fitting Choose from Short (1" depth), Medium (1-1/2" depth), or Long (2-3/4" depth) wall fittings, depending upon the thickness of your whirlpool.

Jet Wall Fitting Choose from Short (1" depth), Medium (1-1/2" depth), or Long (2-3/4" depth) wall fittings, depending upon the thickness of your whirlpool:

Determining proper Jet Wall Fitting

Bathtub Construction Typical Wall Thickness Appropriate Wall Fitting
Acrylic <3/4" Short
Cultured Marble or Solid Surface 3/4" Medium
Thick Cultured Marble or Solid Surface 1" or greater Long


Jet Wall Fitting Order Options

Short Jet Wall Fitting - VIP 3

1 inch

1 inch
(for VIP 3 or VIP 4)

Medium Jet Wall Fitting - VIP 3

1-1/2 inch

1-1/2 inch
(for VIP 3 or VIP 4)

Long Jet Wall Fitting - VIP 3

2-3/4 inch

2-3/4 inch
(for VIP 3 or VIP 4)

Duraflo Whirlpool Pumps

Whirlpool Pumps are the heart of any whirlpool System. Marshall Gruber offers two lines of high quality, durable Duraflo® Pumps – the Compact Series and Duraflo II Series pumps:

  • Available in amperage options for every whirlpool need
  • Energy-efficient
  • Small form factor fits into tight spaces and is easy to install
  • Constructed to meet or exceed UL 1795 Specification for whirlpool bath tubs
  • UL Listed, UL Recognized (UR), or CSA rated (see individual pump for specific certifications)
Duraflo Compact Pump 5.5 Amps

5.5 Amps
Recommended for 4-8 jet whirlpool systems
Order No. 001437SE-SM

Duraflo Compact Pump 7.5 Amps

7.5 Amps
Recommended for 6-8 jet whirlpool systems
Order No. 001459E

Duraflo II 9 Amp Whirlpool Pump

9 Amps
Recommended for 8-10 jet whirlpool systems
Order No. 001460E

Duraflo II 13 Amp Whirlpool Pump

13 Amps
Recommended for 8-12 jet whirlpool systems
Order No. 001461E

Don't forget to order a Pump Union O-Ring with your replacement Duraflo Pump! Compatible with the 1-1/2" Pump Union - #001438R