Duraflo™ Whirlpool Kits and Components
Upgrade your bathtub or spa to a relaxing whirlpool
with these quality upgrade kits and components.

Duraflo’s VIP 3 whirlpool systems are popular worldwide for their clean, sleek lines. They are available in solid metal finishes and will accommodate either 3/4″ or 1″ flex hose or rigid pipe. VIP 3 Jets are assemblies of three individual components - a Jet Body, a Wall Fitting, and a VIP 3 (or VIP 4) style Facecap.

Duraflo VIP 3 Whirlpool Jet - front view
Duraflo VIP 3 Jet - side view

Duraflo VIP 3 Whirlpool Jet Assembly

Jet Assemblies can be ordered in either by ordering a pre-configured Jet Assembly (see Pre-Configured Jet Assemblies below), or by ordering individual component parts. In either case, you must make certain decisions about choices of Jet Body sizes, Jet Wall Fitting length, and Facecap material/color/style options - as shown below:

Your choice of pre-configured or custom configured Jet Assembly requires choices of each of the three component options (Jet Body, Jet Wall Fitting, and Face Caps), which depends on the pump and water hose used in your system, and and thickness of the bath tub you are adding the whirlpool kit. Please refer to the information below to help guide your choice of kits or components.

Note that for VIP 3 Jet Assemblies, they can utilize either VIP 3 or VIP 4 facecaps.

Duraflo Jet Assembly examplePre-Configured VIP 3 Jet Assemblies

Jet Assemblies can be ordered by ordering individual component parts, or use the Jet Assembly Order Numbers shown in Column 1 below to order one of these pre-configured Jet Assemblies.

Note: JA3259 shown at right

Jet Assembly Order Number Face Cap Jet Body Wall Fitting Length
JA3096 Classic White (CWHT) 3/4" Short
JA3097 Classic White (CWHT) 3/4" Medium
N/A Classic White (CWHT) 3/4" Long
JA3098 Classic White (CWHT) 1" Short
JA3099 Classic White (CWHT) 1" Medium
N/A Classic White (CWHT) 1" Long
JA3087 Bone (BOE) 3/4" Short
JA3088 Bone (BOE) 1" Short
JA3089 Bone (BOE) 1" Medium
JA3257 Chrome ABS (CHA) 3/4" Medium
JA3258 Chrome ABS (CHA) 1" Short
JA3259 Chrome ABS (CHA) 1" Medium
JA3250 Chrome ABS (CHA) 1" Long
JA3017 Chrome Metal (CHM) 3/4" Medium
JA3018 Chrome Metal (CHM) 1" Short
JA3019 Chrome Metal (CHM) 1" Medium
JA3267 Polished Brass ABS (PBA) 3/4" Medium
JA3268 Polished Brass ABS (PBA) 1" Short
JA3269 Polished Brass ABS (PBA) 1" Medium
JA3027 Polished Brass Metal (PBM) 3/4" Medium
JA3028 Polished Brass Metal (PBM) 1" Short
JA3029 Polished Brass Metal (PBM) 1" Medium
JA3509 Polished Nickel Metal (PNM) 1" Medium

If you do not order from the pre-configured kits shown above, you can custom configure your own Jet Assembly by ordering from each group below:

VIP 3 Jet Bodies

  • Two sizes available - 3/4" or 1" bodies - in either white or clear colors. Choose which based on your water hose diameter.

Jet Bodies are positioned on the tub, and installed by drilling a 1-1/2" hole through the tub wall for each Jet Body employed in your whirlpool system. Water is supplied from the pump via hoses (either 3/4" or 1" diameter depending on your pump and system requirements).

VIP 3 Jet Wall Fitting

Jet Wall Fitting Choose from Short (1" depth), Medium (1-1/2" depth), or Long (2-3/4" depth) wall fittings, depending upon the thickness of your whirlpool.

Jet Wall Fitting Choose from Short (1" depth), Medium (1-1/2" depth), or Long (2-3/4" depth) wall fittings, depending upon the thickness of your whirlpool:

Determining proper Jet Wall Fitting

Bathtub Construction Typical Wall Thickness Appropriate Wall Fitting
Acrylic <3/4" Short
Cultured Marble or Solid Surface 3/4" Medium
Thick Cultured Marble or Solid Surface 1" or greater Long


Jet Wall Fitting Order Options

Short Jet Wall Fitting - VIP 3

1 inch

1 inch
(for VIP 3 or VIP 4)

Medium Jet Wall Fitting - VIP 3

1-1/2 inch

1-1/2 inch
(for VIP 3 or VIP 4)

Long Jet Wall Fitting - VIP 3

2-3/4 inch

2-3/4 inch
(for VIP 3 or VIP 4

VIP 3 Face Cap Color/Material Options

VIP 3 Face Caps are very popular, and are available in a variety of finishes and colors. They are attached by threading them into the Wall Fitting. The VIP jet's innovative venturi design permits individual adjustment of the water/air flow at each jet - in addition to the master air regulator control. The attractive one-piece face plate encapsulates a recessed directional flow fitting which can be easily adjusted as much as 40 degrees. The solid one-piece design eliminates build up of hard to clean bath water residue.

Classic White Face Caps - VIP 3

Classic White (CWHT)

Bone Face Caps - VIP 3

Bone (BOE)

Chrome ABS Face Caps - VIP 3

Chrome ABS Plastic (CHA)

Polished Brass ABS Plastic Face Caps - VIP 3

Polished Brass ABS Plastic (PBA)

Polished Brass Metal Face Caps - VIP 3

Polished Brass PVD Coated Metal (PBM)