Duraflo™ Whirlpool Kits and Components
Upgrade your bathtub or spa to a relaxing whirlpool
with these quality upgrade kits and components.
Duraflo Whirlpool Hose and Tubing

Flex Hose and Pneumatic Tubing for your Whirlpool Bath Assembly and Installation needs

Duraflo® Flex Hose and Pneumatic Tubing is perfectly suited for use in whirlpool bath installations.

Whirlpool Hose and Tubing products include:

  • Bulk (Roll) Quantities of Flex Hose – for plumbing the jetting system. Available in 3/4″, 1″ and 1-1/2″ diameter hose. Recommended for installers and others assemblying multiple whirlpool baths.

  • Pneumatic Tubing – this 1/4″ tubing is used on Pneumatic On/Off Controls, and connects the control to the pump.

Flex Hose Bulk Rolls, recommended for professional installers and others producing multiple whirlpool baths.

34 pvc flex hose

3/4″ PVC Flex Hose (100 Ft Roll)


  • 100 Feet of 3/4″ Diameter Flex Hose
  • 0.765 ” I.D., 1.057″ O.D., Wall thickness 0.140″


1 pvc flex hose

1″ PVC Flex Hose (100 Ft. Roll)


  • 100 Feet of 1″ Diameter Flex Hose


1 12 pvc flex hose

1-1/2″ PVC Flex Hose (50 Ft Roll)


  • 50 Feet of 1-1/2″ Diameter Flex Hose


Pneumatic Tubing – for Whirlpool Installation

Pneumatic Tubing is used to connect the Pneumatiic On/Off Control Valve to the Pump fitting. Typically, the Kit below is purchased for individual installations, or for installers, 25 foot rolls are available.

kit 14 pneumatic tubing

Kit – 1/4″ Pneumatic Tubing (6 Foot)


  • 6 Feet of 1/4″ Clear Pneumatic Tubing for use with the Duraflo Pneumatic On/Off Control. Recommended for individual installations and “do-it-yourselfers”.


14 pneumatic tubing

1/4″ Pneumatic Tubing (25 Feet)


  • 25 Feet of 1/4″ Diameter tubing
  • Ideal for Installers or for multiple installations