Duraflo™ Whirlpool Kits and Components
Upgrade your bathtub or spa to a relaxing whirlpool
with these quality upgrade kits and components.

Notice: Duraflo™ whirlpool components from Marshall Gruber are intended for sale to qualified Marshall Gruber trade customers who establish trade accounts with Marshall Gruber. As a service to the many homeowners looking for replacement parts such as pumps, facecaps, trim pieces, and other components, Marshall Gruber will sell those components to homeowners, but be advised that all sales are final, and that Duraflo products may not be returned, refunded or exchanged for any reason once they are ordered. We recommend that homeowners consult with a qualified plumber or professional whirlpool bath installer to assist in sourcing the appropriate product(s) for that system. Product Categories:

Everything needed to create your whirlpool jetted tub.
Duraflo Compact Series heaters are a popular addition to any Hydro system.
Whirlpool pumps are the heart of any whirlpool system.
Jets are assemblies of three components – a Jet Body, a Wall Fitting, and a Jet Face Cap.
Jet Caps are assemblies of a Face Cap Bezel, Eyeball Jet Oriface, Cage and O-Ring.
Replace older face caps and other external components of a whirlpool tub.
Choose from standard or lo-profile suction components.
Offers easy and safe activation of the whirlpool pump from within the tub.
The bather can easily adjust the amount of water pressure with the turn of the cap.
Flex Hose and Pneumatic Tubing for your Whirlpool Bath Assembly and Installation needs.
Duraflo PVC fittings are an integral part of assembling any whirlpool system.
Professional tools and supplies make installation of your whirlpool system a breeze!