Supplies & Accessories

Supplies and Accessories for manufacturing and fabrication of cultured marble and solid surface cast product.


Marshall Gruber serves cast polymer and engineered composites manufacturers’ needs by offering supplies, materials and hand tools necessary in the manufacture of cast polymer products. All GruberCare supplies and materials must meet our strict quality specifications. Use Marshall Gruber as your single-source location for convenience, time saving and cost efficiency.

Product Categories:

Timesaving and cost-effective alternative to a more expensive, labor-intensive female mold.
Designed for stripping and cleaning of polymer-based release systems.
A variety of mold sealers for composites and cast polymer molding applications.
A variety of mold release for use with cultured marble molds and solid surface molds.
Mold repair gelcoat allows owners of our molds the ability to repair damage to your molds.
Clamping systems for casting, fabrication or installation requirements.
Three types of mold setup vibrators for use with vibe tables, casting carts, etc.
Level molds when casting cultured marble, solid surface or other cast polymer material.
Establish the end boundaries for custom sized vanity and modular deck castings.
Tooling Wax, Clay and Accessories.
Necessary components for setting up lavatory bowl drain systems and overflow systems.
A variety of raw materials for use by cultured marble and solid surface manufacturers.
A variety of name brand, high-quality silicone, sealant and caulk products.
Tapes and protective film products to support engineered composite manufacturers.
A variety of grinding, sanding, buffing and polishing media.
Tools include both power tools and hand tools.
Beauty Rings and Shower Drain Components.
A variety of protective gear products.
Spare equipment and accessories
Spare equipment and accessories