Create custom wall panels that mimic the look and feel of a tile installation - but without the water leakage associated with traditional tile and grout installations.

Key Features:

•  8 x 8” tiles (including 1/4” grout surrounding each tile)
•  84” wide x 68” tall panel
•  2” x 8” tile pattern border

23183 8x8TileNoDim325


  • Master or secondary bath
  • Kitchen/dining areas, wet rooms, entries, hallways
  • Residential or commercial
  • Perfect for both new home construction or remodels


  • Can be cast to achieve many looks, colors, materials and veining options from a single mold
  • Large mold surface can be used for a number of shower/bath surrounds, wall panels or other uses - in the bathroom, kitchen, or other living areas.
This smooth tile and simulated grout wall panel simulates the look of a traditional tile installation. This panel provides a key benefit compared to tile and grout - by dramatically reducing the potential for leakage, water damage, or mold often associated with tile and grout installations.

This unique and versatile tile panel mold offers you the ability to create large 84” x 68” tile panels. This mold includes a 2” x 8” border on all four sides of the panel. Take advantage of this large tile panel mold for a variety of surfaces - including walls or floors in the kitchen, bathroom, living areas, offices or other commercial space - for both new home or remodeling applications.

Create unique, appealing panels by utilizing a variety of cast polymer materials, or by incorporating unique veining or color combinations to create valuable, truly “one- of-a-kind” product that will add distinction and value to any installation.

Technical Data:

23183 8x8TileDim325

Order Information:

8” x 8” Bordered Tile Panel Mold - 84” x 68” - #23183

Mold Selection Considerations

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